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The Arkansas Constable-from early frontier days to the modern 21st Century-stands trained and ready to protect the peace. Often the law enforcement officer readily available, the Township Constable deals with disturbance, emergency, violation of the law, fire and rescue, weather crisis and response to citizen calls for help. Willing men and women, elected for two-year terms, place their lives in jeopardy and usually without compensation, because they are called to serve. Arkansas constables are Constitutional peace officers and, once uniformed, equipped and trained to State statute and standards, constitute a significant law enforcement force in our counties.

Men and women constables of Arkansas are members of this voluntary Association. If you are not a constable, you are still quite welcome to browse our pages. If you are a constable, but not a member, we encourage you to check us out. In numbers, strength. In numbers, shared learning. In numbers, professional contacts. Within the Association are constables from your own county or nearby. Their local knowledge can be of benefit to you and build the reality of the constable team. Within the Association are constables of long law enforcement service. They can be of great value as advisors, especially to the new law officer. We provide quality training, specifically-planned to meet your needs and we submit training documents for you to Standards. Our instruction and range qualification experiences are top notch. We can assist with the details necessary for your certification. We want you to be your best and we aim to be ourselves. Consider visiting our periodic meetings and the annual conference and training-for little or no cost. Call or email your comments and questions.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you in the future